About Us

PT H.P. Metals Indonesia M-1 continues to increase its annual capacity to meet the needs of domestic/international market. Creating innovative products, providing reliable solutions and competitive pricing is our first priority while improving our product quality and provide best service to the customers.

About Us

PT. HP.METALS INDONESIA as one of the top aluminium extrusion manufacturers in indonesia

PT H.P. Metals Indonesia  is one of the leading aluminum extrusion manufacturers in Indonesia which has been operating since 1995. Our factory occupies an area of nearly four acres in Ngoro Industri Persada M-1, Ngoro, Mojokerto, East Java. We have over 800 employees and experts from China and Taiwan. Our productivity capability has been gradually increased and the annual production capacity has reached 30,000 MT by 2012 and will continue to increase up to 36,000 MT that takes more important role among both domestic and international market.

Our strength is not only producing high-quality aluminum extrusion products, but also creates innovative and reliable solutions with highly competitive price.  Advanced machinery and equipment are precisely handled by experts which allows us to produce wide variety of shape as well as its finishes.  The process of packaging is systematically controlled that allows on time shipping. We produce wide variety of aluminium extrusion products such as: architecture and construction, electronic components, furniture, automobile parts, standard profile.

PT H.P. Metals Indonesia has gradually expanded its volume to fulfill a demand of aluminum extrusion for both domestic and international. In order to achieve a goal of becoming a world-class aluminum extrusion manufacturer, PT H.P. Metals Indonesia is determined to keep improving product quality and customer oriented service as well as establishing a good cooperation in the project and product development.