An electrochemical process which aluminium oxide films on the aluminium surface. Aluminium oxide is hard, durable, and weather resistant substance that protects the base metal. It acts as a protective coating on the surface of the aluminium. The coating is integral to the metal and cannot peel or flake. Therefore, anodizing process gives an elegant appearance to the extruded material.

Sleek Aluminium Finish with Anodizing

HP Metals is one of the factories in Indonesia that has both vertical & horizontal anodizing facilities. This gives us the flexibility to efficiently anodize various metal parts. The vertical process is more efficient, guaranteed to provide a consistent and luxurious color for our anodizing finishes. While the horizontal lines are dedicated longer extrusions and rarer colors to ensure the end result is perfect.

Both process involves lowering the extrusion into electrolytic bath where a DC current is connected to the extrusion, which acts as the anode in the circuit. With the natural oxide film which consists only 0.02 micron, anodizing increases the oxide layer to between 5 and 25 microns depending on the product characteristics are required.

Color Available : Clear, Brown, Black, Gold, Satin Silver, Satin Nickel. Other colors upon request.